Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday ParkRun 5km 13 July 2013

Second fastest ParkRun ever for me. 20:52 . The fastest was my first one 20:00 exactly.  Pure co-incidence that my goals include a sub 20 5km race !!

Today I am carrying quite a lot of fatigue from the running and gym work this week, I estimate I could maybe go 15 seconds faster if I was a little fresher. I had a fair bit of muscle soreness. Still, I felt quite good in the run today.

Again here is the progression from latest run to first of the year:

13/07/2013  20:53
23/06/2013  21:10
15/06/2013  21:18
08/06/2013  21:21
18/05/2013  22:15
27/04/2013  21:49
20/04/2013  22:38
30/03/2013  23:06
16/02/2013  23:56

8 weeks have passed from 18 May to today's ParkRun.  And I have improved by 82 seconds over that period. About 10 seconds a week. That may well mean that I can be at 20 flat after another 5 weeks or so. That makes it 17 August for my return to the state I was in in September last year. One month sooner than last year.

I get the feeling though that given a decent rest - or at least maintaining the training paces and distance, and making some fitness gains I may well be fresh enough to do it in 3 weeks rather than 5.  So I will make it my goal for sub 20 at ParkRun on 3rd July, 2013.

I need to continue to work fairly hard. Plan for the next few weeks:

Sun 14, 14km:
- start with 2km easy
- do 1 min fast 30sec rest, 30ec faster, 30 rest   X 15
- finish off to reach total 14km's  with a easy run home

Mon 15 Hard gym leg work, with a little bit of upper body

Tue 16  6km easy, followed by 10x30 fast with 30 sec rest. May jog the rest periods

Wed 17 Hard gym leg work, with a little upper body

Thurs 18 6km easy followed by 10x30 fast with 30 sec jog

Fri 19 Gym running club sort of tempo run, maybe 7km

Sat 20 ParkRun 5km. Hopefully 20:30   :)

Sun 21 10km Jetty2Jetty race

Its a bit of a challenge to be running fast and racing so much. But it keeps it interesting. I just have to avoid hurting myself !!!

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