Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gold Coast Marathon 10km race 2013

I have done 5 races in a row at Gold Coast now. :

2009 Half Marathon
2010 Full Marathon
2011 Full Marathon
2012 10km race
2013 10km race  this year

I ran this year with very low mileage in training. I have fairly decent strength now, and have a pretty good turn of speed. But I lack fundamental endurance. I have done far less mileage than the same time last year. I managed to do 44:30 precisely, 7 seconds quicker than last years race !!

I ran a completely sensible race this time too, fairly consistent pace. I did not go out fast at the beginning like I usually do either. I feel I ran a good honest race, but well within my limits. It was a far more comfortable run than last year. So I think its quite a good result considering how little running I have been doing. 

Stepped out and did another run the next day, Sunday 9 July. 8km easy, and then 4x30 speed with a 30 second walking rest. Then I did 3km home, for a total of just under 12km's. Splitting the run up and doing the speed sessions really is refreshing. I makes the last part of the run feel substantially easier.

I am a little stiff and sore and I expect to be worse tomorrow. Will hit the gym tomorrow too for some strength work to help keep the injuries away.

Oh yeh, now I know what its like to do race without injury. Its been more than 2 years!!

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