Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, 17 July, 2013 More gym work this morning plus a long walk with MAX

Did my gym work again this morning. I recently started doing single leg rather than both in unison on the leg press, squat and Linear Hack machines.

I realised there is a big difference between right leg and left strength wise. I tested it out, and generally the right leg can handle 5kgs more in weight.

That to me is not ideal at all. It may well be the outcome of poor running, favouring the left leg years ago, it may be due to my old back problem where damage has caused left leg calf to be numb, permanently.

Whatever the cause, I think I need to address the situation carefully. So I plan to alter the reps I do in the gym for a while doing lower weight, higher reps and two extra repetitions for left leg. I will keep testing periodically and once its even strength on left and right, do even reps on both.

I am in injury prevention mode now, and I am quite glad I realised the difference. My right leg has been the problem one in my last bought of injury last year. Both heel and hip on right leg was what stopped me running soon after my best ever 10km at the Bridge to Brisbane in September. Perhaps the right leg is getting a bigger workload due to some involuntary faavouring of left leg.. Or maybe it got stronger because 2+ years ago it was my left heel that was initially a problem, and I favoured the left due to that issue.

Anyhow, I am feeling much stronger as a result of the gym work, and I will hopefully keep improving pace as a result of it. AND above all, improving my strength and resolving the imbalance will stop any more injuries for occurring.

Today I also had a long walk with MAX our dog, this is all good for my recovery. 

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