Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday 6km run plus 10x30 fast

Did hard gym work on legs again yesterday, then ran at work today. We are doing a slightly longer route of 6km now. We did it a little more briskly this time too, just a fraction faster than 5min pace. I was still a little sore, but nothing that really hindered the running that much. Then we did the 10x30 again. About the same pace as Tuesday's effort.

The effects of the training are tangible. The gym work seems to make the running just a bit easier, hills are a breeze these days, and I feel like I can kick along in the speed runs with far less effort too. Another month or so and I will be in good nick. Maybe sooner.

I plan to do the local gym 'running club'  thing tomorrow morning, 5km ParkRun Saturday and a long run, hopefully about 14km's Sunday.

I have a meeting for work at 11PM tonight that ends typically midnight. I want to join the running club session, 5:45AM tomorrow. I am lucky if I get 5 hours sleep.. I am beginning to deeply resent this as it severely disrupts sleep. Sleep is incredibly important when you are training hard, running is very important to me. Am thinking seriously about doing something about it..

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