Friday, July 19, 2013

Another gym running club run Fridat 19 July 2013

I got to the gym 5 minutes late, and they had changed the plan. I took off in their general direction and caught them all on the way back from their warmup.

The session this time was  an out and back - run out to one of the instructors, and turn, it was about 1km for the first few, then a shorter one. On the return, the slower runners would turn as the leader passes them and try to keep up and or pass them.  Basically 'the leader suffers' with biggest distance and possibly fastest pace :)

After one , stand rest, stretch and do it again.

It happened to be me that was leading most of the time and so I did the faster paces and the longer distances. It was good to push, it seems I really am able to run fast and recover quite rapidly.

I have no idea how far it was I estimate 5km's total. Will look at my watch later to find out

I have ParkRun tomorrow, not sure if I will be quick with that, but might be depending how sore I am. Then I have a 10km race at the Jetty2Jetty.

I have said it already but again, logically there is not enough mileage to do a fast one. But based on today's feeling at speed, it may be a turning point for me and faster paces are possible. I will give it a go. I think, if I feel up to it.

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