Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday 18 July 2013 easy 6km plus 12x30 seconds fast

Some really good things :
I have stacked on pretty much the same workload as last week, but with heavier weights in the gym this week. Worked legs MUCH harder. Have run just as hard as the last couple of weeks, at least pace wise, slightly faster in fact. And today I did 12x  ( 2 extra reps)  in my 30 second fast session.

Did the 6km easy super easy, felt energetic, and was taking short faster efforts through out the run. Had to really hold myself back. Did the 12x30's much easier than I expected to. I paced it just right, working muscles and pipes without too much lactic burn. Tried to remain loose and relaxed in the running too, and felt good.

My fitness feels like it is coming along nicely. It will be very interesting to see what I can do on Sunday 21st at the Jetty2Jetty. As usual, logic should prevail and I cannot expect to go anywhere near my best of 42 min, but you never know. If I make a good recovery, get good rest, and feel good on the day I may be able to give it a nudge.

One small and potentially bad thing:
Before the run this morning, I was walking up the stairwell in the office building, and felt a fairly sharp twinge in just the spot where I had bad Bursitis for 2+ years.. Right foot. Did not bother me in the run at all, did not have to warm up and get through any pain, so thats a good sign. Won't panic yet.

So, comparison time. Will compare mileage from last year to this year:

Last year from  01/01/2012 - 19/07/2012 I managed to accumulate 730.72 km
This year 408.67 km

So I have so far improved my 10km race time for GCM the same time last year by 7 seconds ( according to my watch)  after doing  55% of the mileage

Put another way, I did 35 hours of running this year, and 72 hours last year. Spent less than half the time on the road to achieve the same performance.

Now the monthly totals:

Jul 2012  134.62
Jun 2012  197.44
May 2012 199.23
Apr 2012  136.79
Mar 2012  11.65
Feb 2012  7.63
Jan 2012  36.82

This year:
Jul 2013    103.84
Jun 2013  129.35
May 2013  80.02
Apr 2013   69.02
Mar 2013   26.44
Feb No running
Jan No running

This year I have done a much more gradual increase in mileage. But I am catching up a little now, with these regular 40km+  weeks.

I will keep on 45km weekly totals for August too. And race as regularly as I can, ParkRun and others. And keep doing the gym work.

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