Monday, July 8, 2013

Gym work Monday

Christine sat down and worked out a rough schedule for us so we can get regular gym work done, and fit in walking MAX our dog.

This morning, I walked MAX around the car park where the gym is, for an hour. Christine was doing some boot camp session at the gym. MAX and I identified and searched each and every traffic island in the car park, every nook cranny and corner. He sniffed, I followed.

Then my turn to go to the gym. For me it was just under  30 minutes, leg presses with a light weight as warmup, then on the 'Linear Hack'  machine, which is great for working muscles needed for strong acceleration while running. Did a fair few of those. Then a bell weight swing exercise, 2 x 20 of those. And on the pivot bar, did single leg squat exercises. Final few minutes were on abdominal crunch thingo, and a bit of stretching.

Lots of the gym work concentrates on muscles used for acceleration and speed and is quite intense. It should get me travelling faster and easier if it works. I am quite tired after, and am looking forward to a nice run Tuesday at work to loosen up and energise.

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