Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 24 March 2009
Time: 40 minutes 29 seconds
Distance: 8.4972km
Approx Speed: 12.59 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 150
Google Ped: route

First run after the race - I suddenly seem to be able to go faster now, which is pleasing. I got some muscle cramps during the run, and ended up slightly sore. Probably because I am going faster I guess.

Also, I ran with Christine for about five minutes, at about 12 minutes into my run. For five minutes I ran a little slower so as to help Christine feel what a 5 minutes 1 km pace feels like, helping her to build some speed. So even with a slow pace for 5 minutes, I still ended up with a faster pace than my race on Sunday.

I might do a run tomorrow morning as well as tomorrow night, as a feel I can manage that physically.

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