Friday, March 6, 2009

Planned run 6x2minutes pace, 1 minute standing recovery

Date: 6 March 2009
Time: meh
Distance: meh
Approx Speed: meh
Average Heart Rate: 160 170
Google Ped: none

Ran in morning as we are going to a pub tonight. It was quite pleasant at waterfront - 6:30AM, tide was in and continued rising. As a warm up I ran with Christine for 15 minutes while she did her planned 40 minute run. Did my 6x2 minutes speed, with 1 minute recover, seemed to do it a little easier than I have previously.

As usual after I run in AM, I have overwhelming desire to find a bed a sleep, as well as a huge appetite.

I have a 1 hour run due on Sunday.

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