Sunday, March 22, 2009

Planned run 10km race

Date: 22 March 2009
Time: 38 minutes 38 seconds
Distance: 8.0km
Approx Speed: 12.42 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 161

This was a 8km run at Runaway Bay (fun run/race). Did a reasonable pace, better than I have ever done for 8km in many years. No injuries at all, very happy with that!! Today's run was supposed to be either a 10km race or a 1 hour 20 minute run. But the place we ran at only had an 8km!. It was nice to do a shorter distance anyway.

This week is a 'recovery week' where I have three 40 minute runs and a 1 hour 20 minute for Sunday. I am supposed to do 'no fast running' this week, but I feel like throwing in an extra run to do some speed trials again. I feel that I would benefit from it, as I think I need to improve my 8km and 10km pace, and speed running should help with that.

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