Thursday, March 26, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 25 March 2009
Time: 40 minutes 24 seconds
Distance: 7.3884km
Approx Speed: meh kmh
Average Heart Rate: 144
Google Ped: route

Planned run after doing an 'unplanned' run in the morning of the same day. In total I did :

5.4897 + 8.4972 + 7.3884 = 21.3753 km's

That is over two days, so no wonder I feel a bit crap. The distance is approximately equivalent to a half marathon, so I need to get to the point where I can string these runs together one after the other. I think that no matter how much preparation I did it is going to hurt a bit :).

The run was quite difficult, I tightened up badly, I don't recall the last time I felt like that. I have only felt that bad when I first began running over a year ago now. So I am having today ( Thursday ) off and running Friday morning. I will stick to my running plan and won't through in any more extra runs this week - the extra I did yesterday morning had the effect I wanted :)

Still no specific injuries right now, and I have a 1 hour 20 minute run to do on Sunday. I _hope_ I that it will reveal a tangible improvement to the last long run I did.

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