Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Planned run 3km time trial

Date: 17 March 2009
Time: 13 minutes 38 seconds
Distance: 3.0107 km
Approx Speed: 13.25 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 160
Google Ped: route
Weight pre run: 77.8kg
Weight post run: 76.6kg
Fluid loss: 1.2kg

Planned 3km time trial. 13 minutes 38 seconds is about 4.5 km per minute. Felt ok. I could have gone faster. I ran about 1.2km with Christine as a warm up, and ran back home, so overall I did about 8km today.

Fluid loss was 1.2kg or about 1200ml, and it looks like I have lost some weight since Sunday. Any weight I lose should be an advantage, I recon I could afford to lose about another 2-4kg :)

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