Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unplanned run 30 minutes

Unplanned run 30 minutes
Date: 25 March 2009
Time: 27 minutes 45 seconds
Distance: 5.4897km
Approx Speed: meh kmh
Average Heart Rate: 138
Google Ped: route

Unplanned run means I don't have the run in my training program. Nice leisurely pace this morning, took off at about 6:00AM, and returned at almost exactly 6:30AM. Ran to the waterfront, and a few km's along there. Stopped to have a stretch and ran back home.

The time I took is inclusive of stretching and warm up so it was a very easy run , short distance. What I ultimately want to be able to do is take off for a morning run every day, with training runs on top of that. This way I have a base fitness that has a short 30 minute run in the morning as a normal day, then build on that for training. When I am not training for a half marathon, I will simply fall back to the regular 30 minute runs in the AM.

I will see how it goes, as I want to be careful that it is not too much of a work load and leads to injury. So I will probably just do the extra AM runs when my body feels like it can do it ;)

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