Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Planned run 30 minutes

Date: 10 Feb 2010
Time: 30:07 min
Distance: 6.43 km

I had to miss a run Tuesday night because of the dreaded sore left knee. A pattern has emerged, where it flares up after a hard week. I need to keep a careful eye on the problem. I rested it, iced it and wore a pressure knee sock thing to bed.

That all seems to have allowed it to recover quite rapidly. I will try to have a cold bath after every run from now on, at the least after the Sunday long run. I will also ice the knee every day, morning and night, as well as wear the pressure sock to bed.

I get the feeling that the problem is related somehow to the way I sleep, as I recall being woken in the night regularly with the same knee in the same general area. So wearing the pressure sock seems to support the knee and help recovery.

It was a great relief to be able to run freely today. I did a hard gym session last night instead of running. I did 15 min on the cross trainer, using a hill resistance pattern called 'The World' at the highest level it has, #25. My heart rate got to about 148 or so at peaks. I then did 5000 metres on the rowing machine in just under 24 minutes. Then I did leg strength work, presses and curls, plus a heap of sit ups.

I did the run this morning just about 12 hours after the gym work, so it is a good sign that my legs were fresh enough. I definitely did not get the usual DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) that I have been getting from recent gym sessions. So I am getting stronger and recover quicker. I did feel the fatigue but not the soreness.

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