Friday, February 19, 2010

Planned run 6x1min speed with 45 sec recovery

This is the first time since since 3 March 2009 that I have done this type of run and I blogged it :

I did not state how it felt then, so I must have been feeling ok for it. This time last year I also blogged the first run of this type I did on Feb 20 2009:

This time last year, I certainly felt this type of run. I apparently nearly exploded. This year, I felt really strong and did a really good, consistent pace:

3:29 min/km
3:18 min/km
3:25 min/km
3:18 min/km
3:26 min/km
3:32 min/km

Average speed 3:24. This is definitely a good sign. I have a longer run again this Sunday, 90 minutes.

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