Sunday, February 28, 2010

Planned run 90 minutes

Date: 28 Feb 2010
Time: 01:30:19 min
Distance: 18.74 km

I entered a Half Marathon race this morning (Sunday) at the last minute, just for the fun of it. The race was another one organised by the Brisbane Road Runners.

My aim was to get my scheduled 90 minute run in and see how I felt for the rest of the race. I intended to run slow and steady and I felt like I was, but I ended up running pretty fast for the first 16km's or so. I completely ran out of steam at 18km's. I have felt ill again for the last few days, this is getting a bit annoying. I felt really sick at 18km's distance, legs were cramping too, and I very nearly threw up for the first time in a run. I mean seriously nauseous.

It may just be me running too fast for this stage of the training, or I really am ill. OR I am just being affected by the heat. Maybe all three? I actually pulled out of the race at 90 minutes and walked back.

The pace I did:

5km 5:05
10km 46:20
15km 1:10:38
16.17 1:16:20
18km 1:25:56

I actually stopped and walked for the next 4 minutes, as that was where I felt really ill. I was thinking at the time that I am in this for the long haul, and decided that it was enough. There is no point damaging myself this early in the training.

Anyway what was important is I managed a good pace for that period.

I entered a race on the same course ( 10 mile run ) 2 weeks ago. In that run I managed 16.17 kms in 1:17:34. Today I managed a similar distance in approximately 1:16:20, so that at least is tangible improvement. I think that is mostly from sensible pace and a slightly cooler morning today than it was two weeks ago.

Comparing the 10 mile run and this one, I did the first 10kms at an almost identical pace today. The next 2 kms I did 30 seconds quicker, and at the 14km mark more than 1 minute quicker. Final comparison, I did 15km today more than one minute quicker than I did in the 10 mile race. Comparing heart rates for the 10 mile race and today's run, I averaged 158 today, and 155 two weeks ago. It does seem that my heart rate was elevated in general comparing the first 10km distance. So I may well be under a bit of extra stress due to feeling ill.

Yet more statistics:

- This week is the highest distance I have done since August last year, 42.82km
- This month is the highest distance I have done since July last year, at 144.29km

This week I am doing two speed sessions, one 40 minute run and a 1 hour 45 minute run, lower overall distance for next week.

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