Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 23 Feb 2010
Time: 41:41 min
Distance: 8.43 km


Good honest 40 min run this AM. I set off with the goal to run steady and not exert myself too much. I let the hills do me in instead of too fast a pace like I have been doing recently. This is how I am supposed to be training. The theory being that I build up mileage and endurance using longer runs, and do specific speed runs each week to build on the endurance.

I did a hard gym session the night before, worked legs for strength. That induced a fair bit of fatigue for today's run, so I did feel a bit sore during the run. Aerobically I was quite ok, just muscles felt the burn a little.

Also I used a new pair of shoes, Brooks Glycerin 8. They seem quite bouncy in comparison to the old Brooks Infinity shoes I have used since Feb 2009. The old ones have done 864.70 km - at least that is the distance recorded since June 2009 - I have done much more than that, 4 months worth in the build up. More likely these old shoes have done over 1000kms !!! Pretty much spot on to get a new pair I think..

Also, looking at the month report of totals since July 2009, it looks like this month will be highest mileage since August 2009. This month I am already at 110kms. Two more runs to do, I anticipate that will be about 8.5km plus another 3 for the speed run on Friday. These longer runs each Sunday really make a difference.

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