Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 16 Feb 2010
Time: 40:45 min
Distance: 8.02 km


I went quite slowly for thus run. I am still slightly sore from the 10 mile race on Sunday, and it was incredibly hot and humid this morning. Even at 6AM it was oppressive.

I definitely was affected by the heat and the work I did Sunday, so it is a good reason to go slow and preserve my body. My heart rate average was quite low too, at 147. Compared to a more pacey training run I usually average around 155 or so. So that is a good sign that I can take it easy and have pretty easy heart rate too.

I will continue with analysis of diet too, and try to work out the calorie intake. This is just so I can have an idea of how I may alter my diet to help ensure the right number of carbohydrates are being consumed.

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