Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 17 Feb 2010
Time: 40:03 min
Distance: 8.53 km

Pretty good run this AM, on a flatter course (No hills to slow me down). I did a run yesterday, and also did some gym work last night too:

- Leg curls
- Leg presses
- 25 minutes on the Cross Trainer, 'Round the World' level 25

Considering the gym work and the run yesterday, today's run was pretty fast. It is amazing what a difference a flat course makes. The hilly courses are definitely a good thing to do to build strength.

In this run I stopped twice for water - in one of those stops I stretched aswell. So my heart rate had two rest periods to recover, and the average heart rate was way down today. I am better off stopping for water often as the weather here is dangerously hot and humid. I might start carrying the water belt now.

The left knee has been really good these last few days. I think the icing has been having a good effect, and the leg strength work also seems to make a big difference. I also had an ice bath the morning of the 10 mile race I did on Sunday, and that must have helped a lot too. I will try to have an ice bath or a dip in a pool after every long run as that seems really beneficial.

I do feel I am suddenly making progress, and my potential speed has improved a bit lately. I just feel a bit stronger and seem to be able to hold a faster average speed with a lower heart rate. I have a speed session Friday, and I look forward to hitting that hard to see if I am faster now.

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