Sunday, February 21, 2010

Planned run 90 minutes

Date: 21 Feb 2010
Time: 73:27 min
Distance: 15.56 km

I was supposed to do a 90 minute run this morning, but a couple of stupid things caused me to pull up short. I took off far to fast and I also started the run far too late in the morning. So I got a bit dehydrated as a result.

I resolve to do the long slow runs _long and slow_ from now on. If it is cool perhaps I might pick up the pace a bit. Also I really need to start off in the morning much earlier than I did this morning. I started my run at 7AM, and I need to start at least 1 hour earlier in this summer season anyway.

I managed to do quite a fast pace early on, and as I ran I did realise it was pretty hot. So I decided to stop quite a few times to get water into me. I suspect that because I was going fast it was near impossible to get enough water into me.

I did the sensible thing, pulled up early at 15km and went into the wading pool to cool off. I soaked for about 20 minutes. When I got home, I weighed 65.9. The night before I was 79kg, which means I lost close to 2.1 kg in sweat. I felt dizzy and a bit unwell, so I grabbed as much water as I could stomach, had a cold shower and went to bed. Got up at about 11AM. Not a particularly good start to the day!!

Christine and I went shopping today and got a new pair of shows each. I got a pair of 'Brooks Glycerin 8'. They seem pretty good, shall see how they go on my next run, Tuesday.

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