Tuesday, March 30, 2010

15 hill repetitions speed, jog recovery

Date: 30 Mar 2010
Time: 27:54 min
Distance: 6 km


Chose an easy incline, about 200 metres long. Ran at about 4min/km uphill. I was steady for most of the run, but lost speed as the edge was lost. My slowest was lap 13, 4:11min/km. The fastest was 3:32min/km pace on the very first one. I guess it may be ok to consume that initial energy burst while it is there ;)

Heart rate did not go beyond 166bpm peak, average was 151bpm. Perhaps I could have done it a bit faster on both uphill and on the recovery downhill to make it hurt more. The type of hill repetition I did today is apparently known as 'Kenyan Hills' after the style of training run Kenyan athletes have been known to do.

I felt good in this session. I find that I can put in a repeated effort and recover for another one quite rapidly on the down hill jog, much better than I ever have before. I feel I could have worked harder, but I am trying to be a little thoughtful and systematic in training, doing the pace that I have determined to be correct for this type of run. I blogged about the recommended paces I should be doing based on my research and current personal best races, here is a copy:

Some notes on pace:

* Easy distance runs should be at 5:19 to 5:25 pace ( ie Sunday long run )
* Tempo runs at LT 4:25 to 4:30 (ie during a shorter distance run when I put on a speed burst for 1-2-3 km)
* Max VO2 speed 4:04 ( Time Trial type runs , ie 1,2 or 3km TT, as well as this Hill/Speed run today )
* Speed form 3:40 to 3:46 ( 30 seconds speed, 1km, 2km speed etc )

I feel that the easy pace is far too easy, as I am able to hold 5min/km with comfort these days. Tempo pace is probably about right. Max VO2 run is about right too, as is the speed/form type pace.

I think I should occasionally push a little harder in all the runs, depending on how I am actually feeling. Right now I am feeling pretty darned good physically. I should go out of my comfort zone at least once or twice every 2 weeks I think.

I might put in a surge on my long runs, and do a slow build tempo run each week. I could even do a fartlek run sometime. Haven't done one in a long time.

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