Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Planned run 6x500 metres speed with 1 minute standing recovery

Date: 9 Mar 2010
Time: 17 min
Distance: 3.23 km


Did a pretty good speed run today. Felt slightly sore from the 21km run on Sunday (2 days ago), but I feel I recovered quite quickly from that run.

As far as pace goes I am supposed to do this type of run at 3:40mn/km to 3:46min/km pace. The splits I did today:


The blowout rep of 3:53 was an accident - instead of running until the watch told me the end of the rep, I ran to a landmark ( on auto pilot ), stopped, realised my error and then took off again. The pace was much better than that shown.

The first two reps were far too fast, and for the rest pretty much spot on pace wise. Felt quite good too, I feel like I can push harder and reach a painful place with more confidence. ie I don't feel like I am dying :)

Some notes on pace:

Easy distance runs should be at 5:19 to 5:25 pace ( ie Sunday long run )
Tempo runs at LT 4:25 to 4:30 (ie during a shorter distance run when I put on a speed burst for 1-2-3 km)
Max VO2 speed 4:04 ( Time Trial type runs , ie 1,2 or 3km TT )
Speed form 3:40 to 3:46 ( speed runs like today )

For tomorrow, I have a 40 minute run - I plan to run at easy pace initially, and build to a faster pace, reaching the Tempo run speed of around 4:25 to 4:30, and hold that pace for 2-4 kms.

Injury wise, my left knee is coming along really well now. I am still icing it and weary a pressure bandage in bed, and that seems to be enough. I feel I may be completely injury free in the next month or so so long as I don't hurt the knee or accumulate a new injury.

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