Friday, March 19, 2010

Planned run 10x30 sec speed with 30 jog recovery

Date: 18 Mar 2010
Time: 11:21 min
Distance: 2.7 km

I have had a sore throat since Monday 15 March 2010. It was not too bad, just hanging around. It did not make me feel sick, so I kept up the training. After my run Wednesday I could hardly speak, voice nearly gone. Started to feel bad in the night, odd dreams, sweaty etc. Woke Thursday with a voice that was ok at low soft volume. As soon as I tried to speak normally all I could do was squeak.

I worked from home Thursday, and started to feel progressively worse, until I was sweating and shivering badly. Kept working, throat got worse. Suddenly at around 3PM I had to throw up, felt extremely ill. Returned to my desk, and had to rush off again. Threw up all that I had eaten ( breakfast of porridge etc). Yuck..

In what seems like a matter of minutes after all that I started to feel better. Head cleared, throat stopped hurting, and not ill. No more sweats. And I got ravenously hungry again. Had a mad craving for Braised Steak and Onions, so went and got some, ate it and a big drink of juice. Felt really good.

What a very odd thing. Anyway, I had the planned run 10x30sec speed with a jog recovery. Usually it is pretty easy as far as energy is concerned, only pushes heart rate a bit. So I decided I would go and start the run and see how I feel. If I felt bad, I would pull up. I did not feel bad at all. And ended up doing the best run of this style I have ever done. Felt strong and fast all the way.

So after all that, I seem to be in pretty good shape. Writing this today, I feel pretty good, at work no problem at all.

I have a HM race in 2 days, today off, Saturday off, and look forward to it. My head tells me to treat the race as a training run, do it slow and easy, but I know that I will end up pushing myself. I am faster in shorter distances than I ever have been ( even at my peak when I did the HM in July last year) but I feel I lack distance endurance. I might just go out hard for a fast first 10km and see if I can hold it together for the rest of the race.

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