Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Planned run 3km time trial

Date: 16 Mar 2010
Time: 11:56 min
Distance: 3.00 km


A small mile stone reached today. I have several goals - ultimately I want to be able to break 40 minutes for 10kms. That goal seems pretty far off for me right now, so I some interim goals :

- Break 12 minutes for 3kms (done)
- Break 20 minutes for 5kms - Soon !!
- Break 32 minutes for 8kms - Maybe this year?
- Break 40 minutes for 10kms - A big one, not even sure I can do it

It has taken pretty much one year to get to a state were I can do sub 4 min/km over 3 consecutive kilometres. Considering I have not really been training with speed as a focus, this is pretty good. In my training I am trying to gain enough fitness to run a full marathon with some dignity, ie run the full distance. I am hoping for a time in the full marathon around 3:30 or better. So speed generally is not the main focus at all.

Once I have the full marathon done I will swing back to a 10km training focus. I should be pretty strong and perhaps handle speed training better after having done training to run a marathon. I plan to do a full 4-6 week recovery period after the full marathon before hitting speed training.

I recorded the run today as usual using my Garmin 405. But the heart rate was not recorded. Need to investigate what happened there. Would have been so nice to have the heart rate data..

So, what has contributed to the speed gain? I think general fitness, and strength. A whole year of regular training. I also bought new lighter shoes yesterday, Brooks Racer ST4 ( Pretty close to racing flat style shoe ). They are so different to the Glycerin 8's I have been wearing on long runs. The Glycerin 8's are about 13 ounces, the ST4 about 8.6. I can really feel the difference, and I am afraid I don't like the feel of the Glycerin 8's now.

What I really want is a shoe as light as theRacer ST4's but hard wearing. I will continue to wear the G8's for long runs, the ST4's for speed/form runs and races.

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