Friday, March 12, 2010

Planned run 4x1km speed with 1:30 standing rest

Date: 12 Mar 2010
Time: 21:41 min
Distance: 4.22 km

Good solid speed run. I concentrated on cadence ( foot speed ).

I read that an ideal cadence is 180 steps per minute, so I got a sound player ( on a computer ) that has a metronome pluggin. I set it to play 180 beats per minute, and listened to it. I tried to commit the beat to memory, and then run to that beat.

180 BPM is quite fast when you are not used to it. I concentrated on being relaxed but fast, and it is a bit tricky. I managed to do a good pace overall, all but one of the 4 laps under 4min. Pretty sure I am right now the fastest I have ever been for a run like this, so that is a great sign.

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