Sunday, March 28, 2010

Planned run 2 hours

Date: 28 Mar 2010
Time: 120:41 min
Distance: 24.03 km

A really good honest 2 hour run. Managed 24kms - felt fresh for the first 15, and felt ok up to around 18. I tried to surge on the 18th km, and did my ultimate 4:40min/km pace then. I died off a lot in the last 6km's but held it together ok to end up with 5:01min/km average.

This long run felt better that any of the runs I did last year leading up to the half marathon. I recall really struggling for those, so I am suddenly getting better over a longer distance.

Next week is lower kilometres than this last week gone - This last week I did 58.73km, which is the highest I have ever done. Also over this month I have done 165km, another highest ever. I have a speed week coming up, starting with 15 speed hill reps, a 50 minute run and a 15 minute effort.

I plan to practice tempo with a metronome for the effort run.

Injury wise, I have a sore left Achilles tendon and heal, as well as a sore right heal. I also have a sore left knee - My old injury has flared up. I am reasonably confident that icing it will calm it down, so no real worries with that. What is very pleasing is that my energy levels in the run and after it were quite good.

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