Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: 24 Mar 2010
Time: 50:06 min
Distance: 10.19 km

Another slow run in this recovery week. In this one I stopped at a couple of places to get water. Again I deliberately took it easy. But I also took to the grass verge as much as I could to ease impact.

I ended up 2 seconds slower per km than yesterdays run, and my heart rate ended up lower at 139bpm average - compared to 143bpm yesterday. It may be the extra day/night recovering from the recent HM race I did that led to a lower heart rate.

Such a low heart rate is quite amazing to me. Compared to last year it is around 7bpm lower generally, and that is indicative of greater efficiency overall.

I plan to use my hilly course on my next run, I have a rest day tomorrow, then run next day.

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