Friday, March 5, 2010

6x2 minutes speed with 1 minute standing recovery

Date: 5 Mar 2010
Time: 18:00 min
Distance: 3.59 km

I woke this morning with a headache, slight stomach ache and feeling generally crap again. This happens on a weekly basis it seems. It is not enough to stop me functioning, but it is enough to tempt me to not run!!

Anyway, I had two paracetamol, and some creatine with juice a while before the run and survived. I just feel really tired now after the run.

I have decided I need to get more used to running with my water belt, so I have resolved to wear it in all runs leading up to the marathon. Considering how I felt and the fact I carried extra weight of 860 grams the run is not bad at all. I managed an almost identical pace to the last 2x6 run I did on 26 Feb a week ago.

I think I paced myself a little better today, slightly slower and consistent at the beginning. I blew out at the 5 rep with a pace of 4:00 average. I actually stopped with maybe 35 seconds to go - absolutely out of it, feeling sick. I decided to try to get to the end so began running again and just managed to get the exact 4min/km pace. I think I was pushing harder again in that rep, just a little bit too hard. I made up for it in the last rep.

I am pleased to have managed to get the run in as I was in doubt that I could do it.

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