Sunday, March 14, 2010

Planned run 120 minutes

Date: 14 Mar 2010
Time: 1:11:06 min
Distance: 13.75 km

Date: 14 Mar 2010
Time: 17:55 min
Distance: 3.27 km

This was a very poor run. I had to get up early to help with Brisbane Road Runners race day and got home after at around 9AM. Took off for my 120 minute run at about 9:20AM.

I felt really heavy and tired, and felt burn in my legs as soon as I hit the first hills. I carried my water belt which weighed me down a bit. Still it is a bit odd that I am feeling this way quite consistently in my long runs. There might be something wrong, or I may just need to build up some more.

I tried to get water into me, and when I emptied my water bottles I stopped to get more and go to the toilet, at around 13km mark. The urine colour was terribly dark, so I immediately decided to stop and get as much water as I could, and lay down for 5 minutes. That is the first 1:11 recorded. I then took off and did another 3.27km. I began to get a headache and decided it is best to pull up and go home.

Maybe I need to drink more water along the run. I certainly went slower today, perhaps I need to go even slower. Quite weird.

Writing this the next day I still fell like crap, slight pain in stomach, headache, and a generally fogy feeling. I thoght giving up drinking for 6 months and doin regular exercise was supposed to make you feel better!! Shall see how I feel tomorrow. 3km TT, I was aiming to get under 12 mins for that for the first time. Maybe I won't.

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