Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 10 Mar 2010
Time: 40:03 min
Distance: 8.77 km

In my last blog post I mentioned I planned to run this one in 'tempo' style. According to my research this style run is supposed to build speed until you reach a medium to fast pace and hold it for a few km's. I did not really do that very well today.

I did begin reasonably slowly, 1st km at 4:50 pace, next one at 4:30, and the third at 4:16. But I should be running at 4:50 for about the first 2 at least, and then build to only around 4:30-4:25. So I built too early and went too fast. It feels like a 4:15 pace is about right for a brisk run, and one day I will be able to do that for a 10km distance I think. Just need to keep building fitness.

Also in this run I had to stop for water a few times as well as toilet. I also had to stop to wait for a train to cross in the last 2km's. I did not carry my water belt, shall do so for all longer runs, but I just forgot it today.

The overall pace was pretty quick at 4:34min/km average. It is looking good to be able to run that fast in a training run, particularly after the long 21km run three days ago and the speed run yesterday. My legs burned a little bit, and I was pushed aerobically. But it was not too bad at all.

Rest day tomorrow, I plan to get to the gym and do a circuit session. In that I will try to get heart rate up a bit initially using seated rowing machine or bike for 5-10 minutes. And then use the machines to do a full body work out. Between each machine, maybe hit the rowing machine or bike again to get HR back up, and do some burpies and sit ups too.

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