Monday, March 22, 2010

Planning my next race

My training schedule has me doing a race on May 16. I found that the Sydney Morning Herald HM is on that day. Do I want to travel to Sydney for a HM? Maybe not.

The only other HM on around that time is the Noosa HM on Sunday 23rd May.

I would have to re-arrange the schedule a little to get the race in. I think that maybe it is not a great idea to fiddle too much at that time of training, because I consider the 3 hour runs that come up straight after 23 May are critical. I need them to ne done and done well for good preparation. So I have decided to not do the Noosa HM. Would have been fun and get a personal best in, but I have to think about the full marathon..

So on with training, as per my schedule.

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