Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: 23 Mar 2010
Time: 54:01 min
Distance: 11.06 km


This run was done slow and comfortable. Funny how after a year or so, 'Slow and comfortable' ends up being as fast as my fastest 10km race from last year :)

This run also follows the half marathon I did two days ago. I am slightly sore from that and this run will stack a bit more sore on to of it. My toes on right foot are fine, the really bad one on my left foot little toe flared up a bit again, and got more fluid in the blister. Not a big deal, no real pain from it at all. I used these gel tube things over the toe, they work really well.

My heart rate average over the run was 143, which is really slow. This is a good sign that my fitness is improving. The training from now on is going to be a whole lot harder, I have another 50 minute run tomorrow, which will be very tough. Another Friday and a 2 hour run again Sunday. Injury wise, I have never been better. Left knee seems to be under control. I ice it and wear a pressure tube on it as a precaution, and that seems to be working.

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