Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of the month

End of the month today, and the total distance run is 181km.

Previous highest I have recorded is 160km in July last year.

Weekly tally:


Plus the new week beginning on Monday 29, totalling about 16km so far. I seem to be in good shape and handling the workload at this moment. I have to run fast in the speed runs and _slow_ in the long easy runs - ie 50 mins or more, or I increase risk of injury or burn out.

I have a 15 minute effort coming up in 2 days, and a 10km race planned on 11th April. I want to do that to gauge where I am at and determine appropriate training paces, as I feel I am able to run faster now than any of my best races to date show.

Leading up to April 11 I am going to do a mini taper. I have another 2 hour run on Sunday, and a mix of speed runs during the weeks leading up to the race so it should work well.

Also I have a foot pod now to measure cadence - I find that in a easy 50min run I average cadence of 83 strides/min. At that pace and over the 50 minute run that equates to a stride length of 1.22metres. I will see what my cadence is on this 15 minute effort run I am doing this Friday - I expect both cadence and stride length to increase.

Knowing these data points may lead to a slight adjustment in running form - and I plan to use a metronome as a tool to help me do that.

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