Sunday, June 13, 2010

Planned run 2 hours 30 minutes

Date: 13 June 2010
Time: 2:22:32 min
Distance: 30.32 km

Did a Brisbane Road Runners Club self select race this AM. A 5km lap, and you choose how many laps to do. I tagged along with some guys that were doing good consistent 1km pace of about 4:30min/km - Damon, Pete, Wayne . They were certainly a step ahead of me in fitness and speed, they were doing the 35 km distance - 7 laps. I was doing 6 laps. Tagging along with them I found that I was going to be 3 minutes ahead of my Half Marathon PB of 1:38:58, so at about 19kms I took off to see if I could scrape up a few more seconds. I ended up doing 21.15 at 1:35:04, so I estimate that the final time was about 1:35:20 . That is a PB by 3min 18seconds, pretty impressive. To be honest I had that in me for the last 3 months I just have not had an opportunity to do it.

I then did another 9kms slow, walking to get water, and ended up 30.32km at an averaged pace of 4:39min/km. That pace is the same as my previous best HM. Not sure yet if 4:40min/km is the right pace to do the full marathin at yet, shall see how I am on the day, and how training goes in the mean time.

The only question is - did I work too hard today iven the fact I am in a taper now? I don't think so personally, I should recover pretty well. Heart rate at the beginning was pretty nutty, I think it was s=not sensing beats properly. After I start running it settled into some readings that made sense. Haert rate average over the whole distance was 145BPM, which indicates that overall I did not work that hard at all.

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