Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: 23 June 2010
Time: 50:26 min
Distance: 11.16 km

Did this run with the aim to come home faster in second half. In the end I actually did an almost perfect even split, thanks to the small hills toward the end of the route. Still not a bad run. The last two km's are the hardest and I don't think I had ever managed to do them in sub 4:40min/km after 8kms to fatigue me in a training run - this run I did them in 4:37 and 4:34. So a pretty good run.

I am running all the distance runs I have left in my training program at or better than the usual intensity I have been doing for the last 6 months, no need to back off. And I don't think there is much harm in going a fraction harder so long as recovery is good and I don't hurt myself. So far I feel just fine. Again this run was 'Comfortable, not easy but not fast'.

What this run does tell me is that it will be tricky to find that correct pace for the race. I remain convinced that 'feel' is a better way to pace. Just try to find a comfortable relaxed pace for the race itself. And it depends on how I am feeling on the day as to exactly how fast that is. I suspect around 4:40min/km is where I will end up. I found that pace almost naturally last year in my first HM race so maybe I will do it again for this one.

Injury wise - legs are best they have been in months, left knee is manageable, heels are no worse - in fact better these last few days. Everything else is good. Energy levels good during a run, but I have been feeling a bit flat overall, stomach upset.

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