Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some facinating stats

It looks like this month of June will be the highest number of kilometres for a month tally I have ever done. At the moment with 4 more runs to do, it is at 178.01kms, and an average pace of 12.3km/hr, average heart rate of 146bpm.

Counting the two remaining distance training runs I have for this month, I estimate I will do:

1hr30 ~ 18km
50min ~ 10km

So the tally for this month of June will end up being 188kms PLUS. Since there are a couple of speed runs in there as well, I expect to break 190km for the month. Also likely to be a reasonably quick month, as there are shorter distances and speed runs remaining.

It is really clear from all the data collected so far that I can run faster and further, with a lower average heart rate now. Evidence of better fitness.

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