Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Planned run 15 hills speed

Date: 15 June 2010
Time: 36 min
Distance: 7.05 km

Did this session a couple of days after my hard hit out in a 30km race Sunday. No obvious ill effects from that run, legs are slightly sore, and I am ever so slightly fatigued by it, but overall just fine. No worse than the usual after effects I experience from any long Sunday run.

The Hills session I did ( last night as I write this now) was the best of thus type I have ever done. I used a medium incline that begins at a railway crossing at Wynnum North Station, and I ran up the hill in Wynnum North Road. I managed between 4min/km and 4:22min/km for all the reps, except for a few were I slacked off too much, and that was not necessarily due to fatigue, more to do with lack of concentration. Still this is indicative of a big improvement as I recall doing just 5 reps - not even SPEED reps a while ago on this hill and it used to be very difficult.

So I have clearly made really good cumulative progress over the whole training period. I have a 1hr20 comfortable run this evening - Usually I run in the AM but 'operational' issues have caused me to swap around for these few runs this week - and I am looking forward to be blissful work out such a run gives me. I will do a genuinely COMFORTABLE - NOT easy - NOT fast run for this one, probably about 5:20min/km pace, and aim to run on grass for as much of it as I can manage, to ease the pounding on my feet.

Injury wise, I have slightly tender ball of right foot, but no big deal. Heels are tender occasionally after rest but good after a warm up, no changes there. The long term left knee issue - Had it since August last year !!!! - flares ever so slightly after long runs, but seems to calm down after a nights rest, so that is ever present and looms ready to end my campaign. But never gets any worse so it should be ok.

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