Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Planned run 1 hour 20 minutes

Date: 9 June 2010
Time: 1:21:55 min
Distance: 16.62 km

Good mid week longish run. Energy levels were really good, aerobically comfortable. legs are still fatigued from the 35km run from Sunday, and the easy run yesterday.

This run was _still_ too fast according to conventional running literature. It was in fact faster than my marathon race pace, or if I am a little more ambitious, about smack on marathon race pace. The thing is that this run is quite short, and it is easy for me to get this run done at this pace. It most certainly was not hard or FAST at all.

I feel great after this run, only slightly worked and pleasantly tired. That is how I should feel after a run like this. Legs in good condition, no injury problems.

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  1. Good running diary. keep it up. Interesting to know how you do at the Gold Coast. best of luck