Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fascinating effects of the taper period

The taper period is quite interesting:

- I feel like I need less sleep
- When I am up in the morning I feel immediately bright, waking is effortless, and I wake early naturally
- All the annoying niggles - long term minor injuries like my left knee 'hamstring' thing and the sore heels have both faded to almost gone.
- I seem to be steadily putting on weight - I was regularly 72.7 - 73.6 at the height of the work load. Now I am bumping 75kgs
- My mood has stabilised - Regretfully, I have been a bit moody for the last 2 months as the work load stacked up. Sorry about that everyone :(

The only concern I have is the weight. I hope that the last long run I have tomorrow, 1hr 30 minutes and the three days in a row Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday running will knock a bit of unnecessary fat off !!!

Overall everything is looking good. The usual mental challenges are coming up - Have I done enough? 'Oh no I feel like I am losing the edge now that I have backed off training' etc. I have to suspend disbeleif for the next 7 days, long enough to get to the race in a good frame of mind.

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