Friday, June 11, 2010

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: 11 June 2010
Time: 51:26 min
Distance: 10.53 km

Last of the recovery runs for this recovery week. Legs are in good nick, energy levels really good, and aerobically probably in the best condition I have ever been in my life.. At least _trained_ condition. When I was a kid I could do pretty fast 400's 800's and 1500 metres runs, just run until I dropped.. These days I need to work at it.

In this run again there was no fast running, I was comfortable. It was not easy, and I did put in two km's in a row at 4:30min/km pace. Reigned it in a bit and ended up about 4:50 pace average.

I still have the left heel pain at the beginning of a run. It was especially sharp this morning, despite trying to warm up first. I do recall last winter having a similar problem and I was using a heat pack to warm my feet up before I hit the road. That worked really well, so I will do that from now on. Cannot hurt. The fact that the problem has been fairly consistent, not getting much worse at any given time makes me think this is just something I have to live with and manage rather than a dire sign of injury.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the training, I seem to be enjoying the running so much. And as far as the race on July 4 is concerned, I am so tempted to throw caution to the wind and hit it hard. The way I see it, training is the big pay off and the fun part. Races are were you should hurt and suffer!! The race is only a few hours long after all.

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