Sunday, June 27, 2010

Planned run 1 hour 30 minutes

Date: 27 June 2010
Time: 1:36:24 min
Distance: 18.93 km

Deliberately went slow for this one, and ran on the grass verge as much as possible. The dew on the grass made my shoes wet and slightly heavy. The grass slows me down quite a bit, and forces me to lift my feet a little more, so it is slightly harder than running on bitumen and cement paths. But the softer landing on grass reduces pounding.

This run was a lot harder than I had anticipated, some possible reasons - and combinations thereof:

- I have a bit more recovery to do
- The slower pace causes a less efficient running style - I have complained of this before - and makes my legs ache in places a faster more efficient style would avoid
- the grass makes it harder
- I used a slightly hilly course today

Anyway this is a reality check, and my pace should be conservative on race day. Although a more efficient pace is faster and so far seems more comfortable. I have been feeling ever so slightly flat during this taper period - Some literature I have read says that the last long run a week before should 'leave you feeling refreshed and energised'.. Well I do feel good, energy wise, but legs are quite sore and tired!! Other people have say that during the taper if you feel low, heavy that is a good sign, because you have peaked your work load leading up to the taper and maximum recovery happens in the last week of tapering.

Anyway we shall see what happens, 3 more runs to do and then the race. Wow.

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