Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Planned run 6 x 1min speed, 3o sec jog AND 4 x 30 sec speed with 30 sec job

Date: 29 June 2010
Time: 13 min
Distance: 3.07 km



One of the three last training runs before my marathon race this Sunday 4 July. I seem to be able to push hard and not fade too much, so that is a good sign.

According to the general theory of training most peopl;e subscribe to, a long period of aerobic training, longer distances is frequently followed by a lower mileage, faster interval period. The long aerobic period builds endurance, and the short period where a few intervals are done build anaerobic capability.

It sure did work last year, and I so I have to lay faith in the training program!! I am certainly in the best shape ever for any type of run - 5, 10, HM or whatever. Not at all sure if I am in ideal shape for a marathon. I am slowly getting the sense that maybe a more conservative goal time is sensible. Whatever feels good on the day is what I will do I think.

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